SummerOne Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt started with each team having to find a coconut and draw a face on it. We then proceeded to meet the SummerOne committee in the middle of the Queen’s Park Savannah. But none of the teams knew exactly where we would meet them so as soon as the teams noticed the SummerOne flag it was a mad dash to see who would reach 1st.

When we reached the flag they gave us a list of task and told us that the coconut was our new team member in addition for every picture or video that it was in we would get an extra 1000 points. The list had 131 items to be completed some of which seemed do able while others ridiculous considering the time period of 6 hours like taking a picture of our team at The Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport in Tobago. Some of the other task are:

At the end of the 6 hrs the teams met in Nelson Mandela Park, Port of Spain each team sizing up each other to see how many tasks they had completed. When all the teams had finally gathered Jarryon Paul the leader of the SummerOne committee gave the teams one last task to find a man in a red jacket. But before he could finish saying the task the teams sprinted off in search of him.  By the time found him those who found him were winded, however the outcome of this race did not affect the overall winner ‘ Team Monique ah dweet ‘ because they had completed 82 of the task. Monique ah dweet completed 20 more task than there nearest competitor winning the grand prize of $5000.00.