Something Dif’rent by ArtGod Lii

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Photos taken by Kyeon Lucien Constantine at Something Dif’rent by ArtGod Lii. 

On the night of Saturday 8th October, TnT Today was granted with the opportunity to attend an event held at Euphoria Lounge called Something Dif’rent by ArtGod Lii. ArtGod Lii is a local artist whose work comprises of painting, mixed media and sculptures. This event’s concept was built around music and art.

Upon entering the event, one would have seen a room filled with balloons, streamers and the works of the night’s main artist, ArtGod Lii. This being a part of the visual art side of the event, patrons either chose to stay downstairs and view the artwork or go upstairs to the bar to drink and/or view the DJs performing. Some of the paintings that were on display can be seen below.

Original pieces done by ArtGod Lii that were on display at the night’s event.
Photos taken by Kyeon Lucien Constantine.

As the night went on and the place began to fill, persons seemed to find themselves upstairs liming with friends, maybe sharing a couple drinks and chilling with the music filling the arena with sounds of hip hop and dancehall. A couple hours into the event, an announcement was made saying that there was live painting happening on the building’s rooftop.

The rooftop was quickly packed with people eager to see what was going to be created right in front of their eyes. The artists, Toro and Awai, began their piece on a blackboard for a canvas. Viewing the artists creating the piece sparked conversations between friends in groups at the event. It was interesting to overhear people’s point of view of the artwork as it was being created. My personal perspective of the art created is, in a sentence, “The constipation of the need to create constant flowing thoughts has the potential to break the physical, emotional and mental barriers of an artist in order to be birthed”.
Here are some pictures taken of the artwork while it was being done.

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A few shots taken of artists, Toro and Awai while they were creating the art piece.
Photos taken by Christian Marcano of TnT Today.

After this, the rooftop’s crowd went downstairs to the bar/open area where the DJ was set up, dancehall began to play and the dancing commenced. Patrons danced and sang along to songs played, just like any other club night out in Trinidad. ArtGod Lii also created a couple pieces on the night of the event. One being a painting on a circular, white canvas, and the other created using a bottle of water and a bottle of sand. Pictures of these pieces are shown below.

Painting by ArtGod Lii at Something Dif’rent
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ArtGod Lii creating a contemporary art piece.
Photos taken by Kyeon Lucien Constantine.

This event can be seen as a mesh between two different worlds, both existing in Trinidad around the concept of art in its broadest definition. Art gallery meets club life, and the two complemented each other well. The art adds a new aspect to nightlife, and the music, along with the theme of a party can help make the art more enjoyable by creating a freer space for people to admire the art.Something Dif’rent is not only something different but it’s also something new. 

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