The Art Society of Mt. Hope host their fifth annual Art Gala

Photography by Dion Carrington

On Saturday 18th March, The Art Society of Mt. Hope hosted their fifth annual Art Gala, entitled “Premiere” at The National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA).

At this red carpet event, patrons were dressed to the nines, ladies in long, beautiful dresses and men in dashing, well kept suits. Free drinks were available at the bars and finger foods were served for most of the night.

On display in the Lord Kitchener Auditorium at NAPA were works of art by more than fifty different artists. Mediums for art ranged from pencil work to sculpting, while most of the artwork was paint on canvas.

Art pieces on display

The work showcased at the night’s event was so diverse in so many different ways that it became the perfect space to display unity in diversity. Some of the artwork was abstract and very conceptual, other pieces defined themselves at a glance and others told stories of the past in the eyes of the artist.

Photography by Dion Carrington

During the night, patrons may have gotten the chance to meet with some of the artists. Therefore getting to either share their own perspectives on the artwork, hear what the artist had to say about their own piece(s) or have a conversation around the piece(s) with friends or strangers.

Art patrons

Photography by Dion Carrington

Visual art wasn’t the only type of art on display at the event, there were also live musical performances. Gregory Pantin (guitarist) performed a couple pieces solo on stage, Arie van Druten (saxophonist), Naomi Favrod Coune (singer) and Daniel Roberts (singer and pianist) graced the stage a little later and the last performance was done by a group that goes by the name Triplets.

Photography by Dion Carrington


One of the main goals that The Art Society of Mt. Hope has is to give young artists more exposure, help them grow as artists and maintain a growth mindset with respect to their artwork.

The artists whose works were on display at the event are:

  • Nalini Singh
  • Nickolas Peeteman
  • Jonathan Mapp
  • Delia Brathwaithe
  • Shenel Ramnarine
  • Damian Moore 
  • Nicholas Bansraj
  • Crystal Cassie
  • Alyssa Singh
  • Sah Fyhr
  • Keomi Serrette
  • Megan Mugalsingh
  • Chloe Cadet
  • Katrina Khan
  • Amy-leigh Jagroop
  • Jennifer Chicester
  • Solange Permell
  • Kristy Khemraj
  • Nicolin Harris
  • Natalia Smith
  • Cortney Bissesar 
  • Onella Augustine 
  • Shazard Bansraj
  • Amaara Khan
  • Renee Roberts
  • Crisalee Olton 
  • Annalise Singh 
  • Kiegan Naguar 
  • Samantha Schvartz
  • Luke Emmanuel 
  • Kerron Ali
  • Angelo Telemaque
  • Eartha Nelson
  • Felicia Jahoor
  • Monifa Armstrong
  • Omar Jarra 
  • Destinee Walcott
  • Ronny Kong 
  • Micah Telesford
  • Sarah Ali
  • Tamara Cassie
  • Veda Singh
  • Arvinder Sookhoo
  • Micaela Sookhoo
  • Jessica Resall 
  • Rohini Dabie 
  • Chaarlie
  • Rita Rajkumar
  • Niqiyah Assin
  • Kristyn Parmesar
  • Shilini Tapsy
  • Caitlyn Kewley

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