OIL DOWN: SPEED LIMIT |Turning Point Edition |

A different kind of after work, Friday evening lime. Children of the Coup presented “OIL DOWN: SPEED LIMIT |Turning Point Edition |”  at Euphoria Lounge, last Friday. The evening’s events began at 4PM with an art gallery where persons were allowed to enter for free to view, and even purchase artwork previously done by young artists. Some of the artists whose work was on display were there to hear first hand what people thought of their pieces. Pictures taken of some of the pieces that were on display at Euphoria Lounge on Friday last are shown below.

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Photography by: Kyeon Lucien Constantine

At 6PM, a live painting session began, and for those who arrived to the venue after this time they were charged an entry fee of $100. R Gerard Fulchan, ArtGod Lii & Mark Joseph took centre stage and began to paint. Three blank canvases and three artists. One painting in green, another in yellow and the last in red to represent a traffic light as the event’s theme was Speed Limit. While the artists painted, music played, and people spoke to their friends who they came with or met with at the event. After just about two hours, all three artists finished their pieces and the crowd went upstairs to take in part three of the event’s schedule.

Photograph by: Children of the Coup

From 8PM, underground DJs and poets took the spotlight. Every hour, on the hour a poet would take the stage to read a piece that was written specifically for that night. The challenge for each poet was to write a piece at the same pace that the DJ playing after their reading was expected to play at. Each poet did well and each DJ really came out to show what they could do.
Children of the Coup hosted an excellent event that all their patrons enjoyed.


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Photography by: Kyeon Lucien Constantine

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