Love is: The Gatsby Affair

Sixth form students of Bishop and Trinity College East (BATCE) put on a play on Saturday 12th November entitled, Love Is: The Gatsby Affair. With this being a Gatsby play, it was treated as a Gatsby event. A Gatsby event follows the themes of parties that Jay Gatsby would have held, dress code: elegant 1920s, small round tables for people to stand around and most importantly, no seats! However, those in charge of planning the arrangements of the hall did take into consideration that part of the crowd would prefer to sit during the duration of the play. With that being said, there was a corner with roughly about fifty seats for anyone who would have preferred to be seated while watching the play.
Decorative display of common household items from the 1920s.

Photography by: Dion Carrington of TnT Today
The play began and the first character we met was George Wilson, a handy man of sorts, working in his garage as Tom Buchanan, a handsome and suave gentleman, waits to meet Nick Carraway, his right hand man. After Tom meets Myrtle Wilson, George Wilson’s wife, and she sends George to go search for something to give to Tom, Tom and Myrtle quickly hug sensually and begin to stare at the love in each other’s eyes. Nick and Tom then head over to Tom’s residence with Myrtle, leaving George alone in his garage to work. Myrtle makes a phone call to her friends to invite them over. They settled in and began to get comfortable and Nick confirmed his belief of the kind of relationship that Tom and Myrtle really have.
Myrtle’s friends arrived to the apartment and it seemed as though everyone was having a good time except for Nick. Tom and Myrtle kiss and wander off into his bedroom, and shortly after they broke out into an argument over his wife, Nick’s cousin Daisy, and in one swift hit Tom knocked Myrtle off her feet and onto the floor causing everyone else to run out of the apartment.
dsc_0467Tom Buchanan planting a gentle kiss on the lips of Myrtle Wilson.
Photography by: Dion Carrington of TnT Today
Nick makes his way over to his girlfriend, Jordan Baker, to find out about his neighbour, Jay Gatsby. It seems as though all anybody knows about Gatsby are rumours and that he throws extravagant parties which no one is ever invited to. This surprises Nick because he has an invite to Gatsby’s party.
dsc_0534Nick (left) shaking hands with Gatsby (centre) moments after they first met.

Photography by: Dion Carrington of TnT Today
Nick arrives at Gatsby’s party to witness Jordan talking to a mysterious character. Jordan introduced the mysterious character to Nick as Jay Gatsby. Jay took the opportunity to ask Jordan to spare him a moment alone with Gatsby. When she returned, she told Nick that the reason why Gatsby sent him an invitation was because he wanted Nick to invite Daisy over.
Eventually, the past came to light and we found out that Gatsby and Daisy were once together but Gatsby didn’t have the wealth to support her wants and needs at the time. Within a few years, Gatsby had earned the wealth to support Daisy but she has now moved on and she’s married to Tom Buchanan. Gatsby and Daisy are finally reunited, at first they energy they share gives off an awkward vibe but soon they begin to rekindle the romance they used to have. When Daisy leaves, Gatsby and Nick have an intimate conversation about Gatsby’s feelings for her. 
Daisy and Gatsby (left) holding hands in a tableau.

Photography by: Dion Carrington of TnT Today
Gatsby hosted these parties because ever since the day she left, he hoped and dreamed of one day being reunited with Daisy. Gatsby never really cared for the parties he threw.
During a short intermission dancers came into the crowd and had some fun with the members of the audience. They also graced the stage throughout the play and helped transitions between scenes. There were also singers and musicians who showcased their talent in between scenes. BATCE sixth form students played instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, and saxophone just to name a few.
dsc_0603Photography by: Dion Carrington of TnT Today
After the intermission, Gatsby and Daisy both walk out in matching bathrobes. At this point he has fired all his servants in an attempt to stop them from learning of and further spreading the word of his continued love affair with Daisy as she is still married to Tom.
dsc_0585Gatsby (left) startled by the reaction of Nick (right) after Nick found out about Daisy cheating on him with Gatsby.

Photography by: Dion Carrington of TnT Today
At Tom and Daisy’s house Gatsby, Daisy, Nick, Jordan and Tom have a strange get together as Tom begins to notice what is transpiring between Daisy and Gatsby. Daisy suggests that they head to the city.
Upon arriving to a fancy hotel, an argument brewed between Gatsby and Tom over Daisy. Gatsby tries to persuade Daisy into saying that she never loved Tom but she cannot find it in her to say so. As the argument ensues, Tom continuously pushes Gatsby until he cannot take it anymore and Gatsby retaliates. 
Daisy then bursts into tears because it’s more than difficult for her to sit there and watch them argue. She runs out the room and Gatsby follows her, leaving Tom, Nick and Jordan inside.
Daisy and Gatsby, now driving, not paying attention to the road end up hitting Myrtle and speeding off, Tom arrives and sees a distraught George as the ambulance arrives and the medics on the scene announce Myrtle dead. Tom is quick to blame Gatsby for the crime, because it was his car that was involved in the incident. What Tom didn’t know is that Daisy was the one driving.
Nicks tries to compel Gatsby to leave but he is waiting for Daisy to call him. While Gatsby waits for Daisy, George is in search of the car that hit Myrtle. This search leads him to Gatsby’s home. In one dark and silent moment George shoots Gatsby and then turns the gun on himself and takes his own life.
dsc_0622Nick Carraway during his final monologue.
Photography by: Dion Carrington of TnT Today

Nick presents his final monologue of the play, revealing the truth of Gatsby’s innocence. The play ends with Nick realizing that the only people other than the now deceased Gatsby who ever attended his parties were his father and a couple of his workers. These people were also the only ones present at Gatsby’s funeral. Nick is disgusted with both Tom and Daisy and as a result, he decides to leave East and head back to the Midwest.
BATCE sixth form students, together with Milwaz Productions put on a spectacular show. What was particularly unique about this event was that as the show was done on four different stages. One main stage that was built into the auditorium and three smaller stages, two adjacent to the stage and the other across the hall. Patrons never knew which stage was going to be used next. One can just imagine costume changes back stage as the dancers and actors run the next stage!
dsc_0653Curtain call at the end of the play.

Photography by: Dion Carrington of TnT Today
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