Full Force Chapter 1: The Reign Concert

The concert began with a prayer followed by a splendid rendition  of the national anthem of Trinidad and Tobago played on a double tenor pan.
Canada Hall concert, 2017 : The Reign - F = ma The Band
© Jace Joseph   Canada Hall concert, 2017 : The Reign – F = ma The Band
The band (F=ma) opened the concert with a compilation of gospel songs including ‘No gray’ by Jonathan McReynolds that lifted the energy of crowd  with the up beat vision. They ended of the gospel section with another popular song ‘I know who I am’ by SINACH which had the crowd chanting the catchy and spiritual  song.
Canada Hall concert, 2017 : The Reign - Spoken Word
Canada Hall concert, 2017 : The Reign – Spoken Word
A moving spoken word piece by O’Neill LeBlanc entitle ‘Can you hear me’ that discussed how
frustrated O’Neill gets when having to repeat himself multiple times due to the fact that he might not articulate or pronounce words in the ‘proper way’ and has to shout to get his voice heard. Followed by ‘tippins’ with another spoken word piece, who silence the auditorium with his monotone voice and constant pace. The 5 kings models wearing African wear got the lady’s particularly excited.
R&B section by F = ma covering songs including end of the road , Versace on the floor. one singer even walking into the crowd to serenade an unsuspected audience member.
Followed by a duet by the McCollin brothers singing a wide variety of songs like ‘Yo (Excuse Me Miss)’ to ‘Black Beetles’ and “Confessions’. Johnathan McCollin even singing his own song inspired by his girlfriend ‘Miles Apart’.
The half steps doing a tribute to Michael Jackson by dancing to three of his classics ‘Beat it’, ‘Thriller’ finishing with ‘Smooth Criminal’.
Canada Hall concert, 2017 : The Reign - Stick Fighting
© Jace Joseph   Canada Hall concert, 2017 : The Reign – Stick Fighting
Filled with soca hits from a wide range of Caribbean islands performed by F=ma singing hits like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Calling in sick’, and ‘We Jammin Still’ which brought the already alive crowd to their feet, when a girl dressed as an African farmer began to dance which made the crowd uproar.
Stick fighting full of almost real actions as sticks broke and performers jumping out of the way of wooden sticks as they were swung hitting one another and breaking.The Congo stepperz did a presentation involving African dance that was very entertaining and comedic. 
Canada Hall concert, 2017 : African Dance
© Jace Joseph   Canada Hall concert, 2017 : African Dance
Spoken word by Eden Corbin (poetic justification -too much to show) about the person he thought he love. But deep down he knew it wasn’t right but ignored the signs, stating that ‘love is an illusion solidify by your emotions ‘.
The dancehall section began with the vensteppz performing different dance dances from the Caribbean. Followed by F = ma closing it off with songs like ‘Big League’, ‘Fever’ and ‘Clarks’. 
The concert closing off with all the members of Canada Hall past and present sing their Hall anthem.

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