Tribute to Lancelot Layne

Blow Way

3Canal and Freetown Collective along with some other local acts all came together at Big Black Box on Murray Street, Woodbrook, POS, last Monday night. The event, Tribute to Lancelot Layne. At the event there was merchandise on sale with novelty items such as Lancelot Layne’s Double Disc Album, Blow Way, jewelry and artwork.

Dayo Bejide opened the show. All of their members dressed in African wear as the following day our nation celebrated 37 years of Emancipation. They came with an array of instruments ranging from the smooth jazzy sound of a saxophone to the rugged but natural sounds of African instruments such as the talking drum and djembe and of course, the sweet and familiar sounds of Trinidad and Tobago’s very own steel pan.

Within their set, they performed a song entitled Drum Song, a tribute to the late, great, Lancelot Layne and added to that they also performed Good Time Love, Wah Gwan Wit Babylon and Freedom.


Next to grace the stage was Freetown Collective accompanied by DJ Rawkus. They performed for just about 45 minutes, including original songs such as Normal, Jerusalem, Born Soldier, Good Swimma and Mama Africa. Freetown Collective is known for their ability to create a wide variety of music, merging genres such as reggae and rapso.


3Canal, the night’s headline performers, instantaneously raised the levels of energy within the crowd as they entered the stage. They performed a couple of their original songs and shortly after proceeded to invite the Big Black Box Crew on stage to perform Self Proclaim. Their performance contained elements of chanting and rapso and within the performance a series of quotes were chanted by the members of the Big Black Cox Crew. Some of these quotes are:

  • “To be young, black and gifted is a gift that could never be drifted”
  • “My blackness is perfect”
  • “I have a sword in my hand, help me to use it well”
  • “Ah never get weary yet”


After this, 3Canal graced the stage once again to perform some of Lancelot Layne’s songs. Two of his songs that they covered were Get Off The Radio and Blow Way. In addition to their covers they also performed several new songs of their own. The new songs were all upbeat, uplifting and positive with catchy hooks that got members of the crowd dancing and singing along. 


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