Flick on: The Legacy Begins!


On the eve of Friday 4th November, a local band going by the name “The Flick” hosted their sixth annual event entitled Flick On: The Legacy Begins! at the Big Black Box. The venue was lively with sounds all familiar to our ears. 

First up on stage was singer and song writer, Hashim, from the Virgin Islands. He came on stage and didn’t hesitate to jump right in and get the crowd warmed up for the night’s events. In addition to performing a couple local soca songs by other artists, he performed his own songs “Free Up” and “No Behaviour” ft. Bad Royale. 

Hashim during his performance on Friday 4th November @ The Big Black Box
Photography by Christian Marcano of TnT Today

Up next on stage was The Flick’s very own guitarist, Daniel Roberts. The first thing he did after greeting the audience was tell them that the first song that he was going to play would be played by him but sung by the crowd. After he played just a couple chords from the song’s intro, the crowd knew exactly what song he had begun playing and they didn’t take long at all to join him by singing the immortal lyrics of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. Following this. Roberts performed a couple other songs solo, then proceeded to invite the lead singer, Gabrielle Alleyne, to perform with him Adele’s hit song “When We Were Young”.

dsc_0380 dsc_0405
Guitarist, Daniel Roberts, performing solo
Photgraphy by Christian Marcano of TnT Today

Afterwards, Ricardo Seales, a Tobago born musician performed next, playing on his saxophone. His performance, the most intimate of the night, as his songs of choice were love songs like Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony. Seales couldn’t help but leave the stage to single out two lovely ladies in the crowd, kneel on the ground and serenade them with the sweet sound of his sax.

Ricardo Seales during his solo performance
Photgraphy by Christian Marcano of TnT Today


Up next, The Flick, the stars of the night’s event graced the stage. The band consisting of aforementioned guitarist and lead singer, Daniel Roberts and Gabrielle Alleyne, bassist, Charlton Alfonso, pianist, Chad Pimento and last but not least, drummer Johnathan Charles. First, the band performed a medley including songs like Raise by Fay Ann Lyons Alvarez, Sonita by Multisymptom, 24K Magic by Bruno Mars and Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars.

From left to right, Daniel Roberts, Gabrielle Alleyne and Charlton Alfonso
Photgraphy by Christian Marcano of TnT Today

Following this, the band performed an original song entitled “Words Can’t Explain”. A song built with reggae roots and a jazzy introduction, a fan favourite at previous shows. After performing a couple more songs, they went on to perform another original song named “Believe You Can”. This song was written for those people listening who strive to achieve their dreams, never stop believing and no matter what, always push on through in anything that have to do. To close this part of their performance, the band performed a mash up pf Sam Smith’s “I Know I’m Not The Only One” and Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”.

Lead Singer, Gabrielle Alleyne
Photgraphy by Christian Marcano of TnT Today

The Flick then called upon Ricardo Seales once again to play, but this time with them, another major hit by Sam Smith “Stay With Me”, a modern day classic and a hit from the year 2014. They also played together, recent reggae his such as “Soul Provider” by Romain Virgo and “Dreams of Brighter Days” by Busy Signal and RC.

From left to right, Daniel Roberts (Guitarist), Ricardo Seales (Saxophonist) & Gabrielle Alleyne (Lead Singer)
Photgraphy by Christian Marcano of TnT Today

The band also performed songs like Maroon5 – Sunday Morning, Linkin Park – Numb, and a local medley including songs like Leroy by Scrunter (in honour of the Christmas season), Calypso Music by David Rudder, People by Kes and Cheers to Life by Voice.

The Flick continues to put together amazing concerts. Their crowd continues to grow and their band is benefiting positively from this growth. They themselves are all growing as musicians and artists and their fans over the years notice their growth every year. Flick On: The Legacy Begins! was a successful event and we will be on the lookout for next year’s event.

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