First Citizens National Poetry Slam 2017 Semi Final 2

Beginning with the sacrificial poet Seth Sylvester the reigning champion with his piece about religion. Has a conversation with his grandmother about a nightmare that they are coming for religion and will not stop until they win. But his grandmother tries to calm him down saying ‘doh worry popo’. Then beginning an argument with his teacher as she asks him what religion he is. Answering her with ‘I am a kingdom citizen’, and that we need to stop waiting to get to heaven but start building heaven on earth.

1st competitor Jevaughn Forde is a member of the poetic group 6Geng. Speaking about how complex it is being a man with a God complex. His God is immortal and he knows everything, while he prays to God, God is praying on him. Ending his poem with ‘Forever and ever a man’.

2nd was TS. Davis with a depressing piece about an abuse father. Whose adopted daughter tries to get away from him but does not seem to be fast enough. Referring to him as a hurricane coming for his daughter and will blow everything away.

Kyle Hernandez was 3rd with one of the more comedic pieces entitled ’to the fat lady sitting in the front of….. Bank mine your business.’ Ridiculing a certain bank for not recognizing artist as an occupation. Which ignited his rampage because this same bank sponsors artistic competitions.

4th competitor Leeum Quan aKep talking about his life as a student. He consider student life to be but a dream and that the education system is a one fit for all which just cannot work in his eyes. A broken system cannot prepare him for his future job. .

Derron Sandy the 5th competitor was selling human body parts, as they sell car parts in ‘The Bamboo’ so too was he selling parts. Because to him people have little value for human life as they hurt and kill one another like their lives or body parts are easily replaceable.

Michael Logie a member of the Ruth Foundation spoke about the ill treatment towards Tobago. Trinidad needs to play an active role in TandT as it is not a one sided relationship because together we stand side by side.

Brandon O’Brien a published poet made it clear that he was not a member of any group or organisation. He gives a story about the abuse we don’t often hear about a woman beating a man. Claiming that if any man were to go to anyone to complain about this kind of abuse he would be ridiculed and called ‘a panty man’. Even his bother telling him that this does not happen to guys and to be a man.

The 8th Ashlee Burnett is the President of University of the Southern Caribbean Speak. Sends her message out that she is a part of the universe and that they shake together, but being one with the universe never looked good on her. Her body has become a waste land as she seizes.

9th  Jean-Le Des Etages who when he is not programming is writing poetry. Talks about his love for the ocean, that he would sometimes sneak out to see her. He believes that the entirety of the cosmos was created for him to meet her.

Jeni Mohammad finds it hard to wake up sometimes as to her some men just want to push their key in her slut. She wonders to herself who thought them to drive because she just wants them to slow down.

Omavi Langevine the 11th competitor, writer and soon to be published author, announced that tonight he would represent the voiceless. Depression revealed to him that everyone knows fear but he is glad that he can express himself because not all black males were given the tools to deal with their situations. For him when you have a broken heart the hardest part is waking up.

Redman  with his slogan he may not be ready but he is red. Confessing that this was a waste man confession, say it to my face confession. Talking about the multiple of women he horned his girlfriend with, even with his 62 year old cleaner. Ending his poem with ‘Is one thing to horn but another to get a serious horn.

13th competitor Miss Soliod is 16 years old expiring writer of Signal Hill Secondary. With her piece about a young girl having her innocents and future taken away from her. Her heart will never be at piece as her opportunity to grow has been taken away. That the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago need to take action to stop our women and children with living with fear. 

Carissa Rodulfo 18 years old and a national tennis player was the 14th competitor. In her piece she has a conversation with her mom as she tries to convince her mom to let her go out in her short pants. But her mom canvases to her that she would feel safer would her covered up with all these ‘short hand men’. A ‘short hand man’ is a man that thinks showing skin means sex.

Winston Trotman Jr a Trinidadian citizen who migrated to America has returned to Trinidad after more than 10 years was 15th. Proclaiming that “Tonight I’m asking for more’, and ‘when I am done here tonight it will only be day.’ Speaking that the perspective needs to be changed and the colour of someone’s skin should not hinder them from anything. In whatever you do, you need to be the greatest you can be.

18 year old Shineque Saunders a form 6 student of Pleasant Hill Secondary school was 16th and performed her piece ‘Master Translator’. That women translate abuse and anger from men into love and care, ‘translating words does not change the meaning’. That women cry out for help wishing someone would hear them but only Jesus listens.

17th competitor Camryn Bruno has been practicing spoken word for 2 years and has a strong passion for sleeping. Conveying the message that people are treating one another as garbage with so many dead, we are swimming in pools of our own blood and if we do not learn to swim we will drown.

At the end of the second semi-finals Michael Logie and Shineque Saunders received special awards for winning the school competition in 2015 and 2015 respectfully. 

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