Dance Royal Dance Competition Finals


Last Sunday, TnT Today attended the finals of the Dance Royal Dance Competition held by Purple Royalty Promotions at Woodbrook Youth Facility. This event consisted of a number of dance battles between two dance crews at a time. Each dance battle consisted of five steps.

•Step 1: Crew 1 gets five minutes in which to perform a choreographed routine to their personal mix
•Step 2: Crew 2 also gets five minutes
•Step 3: Host will spin a Carib Malta bottle to see which team will go first in the freestyle round
•Step 4: DJ Adam will randomly select a track and Crew 1 will take 30 seconds to do a freestyle dance to the chosen song
•Step 5: Step 3 and Step 4 will be repeated with a different song

The judges of the competition (5) awarded points to both teams for their prepared routines, and voted for one of the two performing crews chosen. Limitless Dance Crew won the previous round of competition and as a result they skipped the quarter-final round. 

Photography by Dion Carrington of TnT Today

The first two dance crews to battle in the quarter-final round were New Generations and Worst Behavior. New Generations consisting of three registered members and Worst Behavior consisting of nine. Worst Behavior performed first. Two of their members came on stage with costuming that clearly depicted the Joker and Harley Quinn (DC Comics’ villainous duo who recently starred in the movie Suicide Squad), while the others just had their faces painted like the Joker and matching clothes. Next, New Generations came onstage, positioned behind a sheet of fabric held up by two friends of theirs and as the music began, the fabric was raised, only high enough to show from their knees down.Each member did a couple quick movements behind the sheet to turn on the lights in the soles of the shoes, then they came out from behind the sheet as it was moved away and began to dance, lip sync to their track in an attempt to seduce the judges. 

In following with the steps of each dance battle, both teams joined the host, local rapper, Mark Hardy, on stage where he spun a bottle to decide which team would freestyle first. Worst Behavior won the freestyle battle and went on to beat New Generations in that round. 

The second dance battle was between Fixtion Dance Company and N.E.D.C. Fixtion Dance Company dressed in black pants and tee shirts representing different fictional characters for their first performance. Characters like Goku (from Dragon Ball Z), Superman and Pikachu all played parts in their electric and well crafted performance. N.E.D.C performed a vibrant dance, with moves ranging from hip hop to African dances. Even though they performed well, unluckily for them, Fixtion Dance Company won after winning the freestyle round and advanced to the Semi Finals. 

Due to Hidden Dezigners forfeiting, 3D Illusions immediately advanced to the Semi Final round. Even though they were automatically placed in the Semi Final round, they were allowed to perform the first dance that they had put together for the competition. 

Local rappers, Mark Hardy and Yung Rudd came on stage next to perform their hit songs #IzATrini, Taxes and Nah Boy. 

Semi Final #1 was between Limitless Dance Crew and Worst Behavior. It was clear that these two teams have a history. Both teams gave their all when performing their prepared dances. This continued in the freestyle stages because after both teams freestyled twice, the judges couldn’t decide which team won. They then made both teams dance one more time in a tiebreaker round. After that third round, the judges came to the conclusion that Limitless Dance Crew won the freestyle round and they would be the ones to advance to the finals. 

Semi Final #2 was between 3D Illusions and Fixtion Dance Company. Both teams performed their prepared performances almost flawlessly but after the freestyle round there was a clear winner. Fixtion Dance Company moved onto the final round. 

The 3rd Place battle between 3D Illusions and Worst Behavior was cut short due to 3D Illusions forfeiting from the competition. Team Worst Behavior, the 2nd Runners Up of the night’s competition performed anyway. 

Coming down to the wire, exactly what everyone was waiting for, Limitless Dance Crew vs Fixtion Dance Company – the battle for 1st Place. Fixtion brought their all and more to the finals and so did Limitless. The decision wasn’t easy for the judges to make but there had to be a winner. The dance team consisting of Akeel Ammon St. Clair, Luqman Welch, Jovan Peters, Antonio St. Vincent and Shyon Duncan, also known as Limitless Dance Crew reigned victorious! The balloons dropped as the team celebrated and Pternsky joined them on stage singing his song F.A.X. 

Photography by Dion Carrington of TnT Today

Trinidad and Tobago obviously has a lot to offer in terms of the arts and each section continues to grow. The section which contains Hip Hop Dance seems to be growing in terms of persons practicing it and consuming. One of the judges left some words of wisdom for all the young dancers out there. In essence, his message was, keep dancing and always bring all you’ve got, don’t be mediocre and forget about “leaving the best for last”, bring your best at all times. 

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