Common Thread – Art Exhibit

Last month, local contemporary artists, Shane Mohammed, Kriston Banfield, Christopher Ross Dick, Khaffi Beckles and Elichi Todd, gathered together a collection of their recent artwork for a three-day exhibit.

In visiting the gallery on day one, Thursday evening, we at TnT Today got a chance to speak with some of the artists at the event. Questions and responses from our short interview with the artist Kriston Banfield are shown below.


In speaking to Kriston Banfield:

Q: What is your general view on what exactly this exhibit is supposed to showcase? 

A: That’s a good question. I guess it’s to  showcase what we’ve been working on and where their work has currently evolved to. I guess it reached the point for each of us where we needed to put our work into the real world because work in the studio is nice but work in the real world is a whole different thing. As the name suggests it’s a “Common-Thread”, a common goal, a common idea and maybe a sense of unity. 

Q: As an artist, what do you want for yourself and for art in general in this country, even further: regional or international?

A: I’d like if, you know, art is seen as not just a segregated form of culture but it’s part of the whole. I would also like that artists have a bit more, it’s not just, ” Oh, you’re an artist? Well you’re not going to make much money” it’s not much about that, you know? It’s that you’re an artist, you have a passion about the work. That’s what we’re really interested in and we want people to dive into either what we’re working on or what another artist is working on.

Q: Now, for your work personally. You spoke on the nation but what about your work?

A: I just want people to experience my work. Let them give me the feedback. I have no interest in controlling how they feel about it or how they see it. I’m not interested in controlling their responses or how they feel about it. I just want them to be able to experience it.


Thank you very much for reading! 
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