Annual Tobago Dragon Boat Festival

The 6th installment of the annual Tobago Dragon Boat Festival took place on the 18th and 19th of June  at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Tobago. With 27 races on Saturday and 35 on Sunday teams like Tribe Aquaholics, Oceanus and Trinity College gathered in the rainy, inclement weather to race for the titles in their respective categories.

Dragon Boat, Tobago. 2016
Tobago Annual Dragon Boat Festival 2016

The top teams in the premier open and mixed categories were Tribe Aquaholics, Excellent stores’ Titans, Tobago’s very own Oceanus and Aquaforce. In the premier female the top teams were the defending champions Aquaholics, Oceanus and Trailblazers. In the under 21 male categories tension was high as St. Mary’s College came back to defend their title against Hillview/SAGHS, Trinity College (One Ton Warriors) and Paddle To One Drum Junior. In the mixed under 21 category, Trinity/SJC were defending their title against Hillview/SAGHS, South East POS and Paddle to One Drum Junior. Bishop Anstey High School defended their title against St. Joseph Convent’s Tridents Junior and St François’s Orcas.

Tobago Annual Dragon Boat Festival 2016
Tobago Annual Dragon Boat Festival 2016

The Audience and participants were greeted with music and festivities from local djs and performers after the completion of the races on Sunday. Members of the audience were challenged to see who is “looser than Lucy” in a whinning showdown on the stage as the festivities and prize giving came to an end.

Race Results

Under 16 female:

Bishop Anstey High School

Under 21 (200m)

Open: St Mary’s College

Mixed: Trinity/SJC

Female: Bishop Anstey High School

Premier (200m)

Open: Oceanus

Mixed: Aquaholics

Female: Aquaholics

Premier (500m):

Open: Aquaholics

Mixed: Aquaholics

Female: Aquaforce

Tobago Coal Pot Championship: Oceanus