A night with the arts

Thursday night, at a local night bar and lounge, Kaiso Blues Cafe, (made solely to share with its patrons the wide variety of talent that artists of Trinidad and Tobago have) “Un-wined” was the theme of the night, amateur performers took the stage. Whether they be singers, musicians or even Spoken Word artists, they all find a home here at the Cafe.


Photos taken by Dion Carrington

Members of a local teenage band, The Flick (namely Daniel Roberts, Emilie Dow, Charlton Alfonso and others) took the stage from the beginning of last night’s performances. Emilie singing lead at the beginning of their performance, Daniel taking front and center stage afterwards and we even got to hear them sing together. We were in for a great night.


The band performed songs such as Stay by Rihanna, a mashup of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith favourites, and Cheers To Life by this year’s Soca Monarch Champ, Voice. With ease, the band proved that they were perfect for getting the crowd to get a feel for what Kaiso Blues is about, even getting a couple members of the audience on their feet to dance and sing along!


After a great performance by The Flick, the audience was gifted with the presence of a singer known as Samantha who has been training and performing for almost three years. She was accompanied by a bassist, guitarist, pianist and a drummer. Samantha sang a song written by a friend of hers, entitled ‘Mi Rasta’ along with some pop culture songs such as Work by Rihanna and Come My Way by Fetty Wap. Her performance was simply amazing.

Members of the audience were given the opportunity to ask performers questions like where they see themselves in the future with music and also give advice as tonight was a learning experience for the amateurs on stage.

An almost full venue, a beautiful and hard working staff and non stop entertainment. Kaiso Blues’ “Un-Wined” Thursday night was a night to remember for all who left home to be embraced by this new home away from home.

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